Rosaline Chapter 23: Forbidden Knowledge

Chapter 23 of Rosaline has been published to Click here to read it.


Rosaline: A Steven Universe Fan Fiction

Happy fall, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their leaf-peeping while sipping/eating their pumpkin spice-flavored whatevers. I have posted it on my “Current Projects” page some time ago but I would like to post it here anyway for anyone who is interested. For the past year, I have been writing a Steven Universe fan fiction called Rosaline. It follows the main cast of the series but also includes a swath of original characters and their own narratives.

Here is the summary: Through largely unconventional means, the Crystal Gems add a new member to their team. She was the result of a group effort as opposed to an injector, two parents or any other simple method. However, a rebel fraction of pearls are just as happy about her birth… for very different reasons.

You can read the story here on I would appreciate any and all feedback. From now on, I will be updating this page whenever a new chapter is posted.

Echo of Another World Contest

For all you aspiring writers out there, I’ve discovered a lovely little site call Inkitt, a place where users can submit fiction. Right now, they are holding the Echo of Another World Contest, a fantasy fiction contest dedicated to Terry Pratchett. Many great stories have been submitted and I urge you to check them out. However, I’d like you to give some attention to my entry. I’ve basically “leaked” chapter two of the second book of the Polarity Breach series onto the site. This is your chance to read it before it goes into print (digital or otherwise!)!

Here’s what one reader has said about it:

A very fluid, exciting story you don’t expect, mixing elements of fantasy and science fiction without showing the seams. Frankie has a wonderful way of evoking her world without tiresome back story and exposition. This is an excerpt from Chapter 2, and even without Chapter 1 you understand where you are and are not looking for stability. The characters are already compelling and the world fascinating. It’s not labored or trying too hard to be clever–it simply IS clever. I’m very interested to read Chapter 1 and the subsequent chapters. Great entry for the contest–not so great for the rest of us who entered (competition!). 🙂

Read it here: