Short Stories

Frankie has written about more than just the Polarity Breach series. These stories are also available at her Fiction Press account. Links coming soon!

My Dad the Spaceman – As far as little Bridget Clark knows, her dad is Cyrus the Spaceman and his televised heroic acts make up for the fact that she never sees him in real life. However, reality will soon set in and she must come to terms with the real Cyrus (Written December, 2014)

Tabitha – A teenage girl has mixed feelings about her surgical rite of passage, especially since she still enjoys confiding in her stuffed dinosaur. How will she change after the surgery (Written December, 2012)

The Cinder Harvest – Nelly and her grandson Newton travel to a village in the heart of the Green Mountains that everyone thought was a myth. Nelly believes that the inhabitants know of the Fountain of Youth, but she is in for a bit of a surprise (Written December, 2011).


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