Secrets of the publishing “industry”… revealed!

Just read an interesting list entitled “28 (Better) Things No One Tells You About Publishing. Here is the link:¬†

I think he’s spot on. It wasn’t until I was accepted by a publishing company that I realized that while traditional publishers will give you services on a silver platter, indie publishers have you being your own publicist. I will admit, being my own publicist is hard but it sure as hell is rewarding when you find the right resources. For one, Good Reads is a great place to promote if you’re willing to spend money on your own book for giveaways. For me, the money isn’t that important. Entertaining/influencing people is important.

Believe it or not, selling a book is much harder than getting accepted by a publishing company in the first place. I was flabbergasted when I managed to get accepted to the second one that I applied to, especially since famous authors tend to have horror stories about being rejected by major publishers. Alas, not everyone goes on to become a published author and even fewer are dedicated enough to finish a manuscript. To those aspiring authors out there… keep going! Edit your work! Submit it somewhere! There is no doubt you will make connections along the way!