Merry Christmas Eve!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am taking a short break from Rosaline at the moment and have written 2 1/2 short fics. One of them is a Steven Universe one and the other is a Peanuts/Doctor Who crossover.

Object Permanence: What was Baby Steven’s first word? Hint: It wasn’t “Da-Da.”

Snoopy’s Secret: Charlie Brown finally finds out how Snoopy’s dog house is able to defy physics. But he gets far more questions answered than he wanted. Part 2 will be published soon.

Otherwise, go hang out with your family and maybe get blotto on nog. I’m not judging.


Rosaline: A Steven Universe Fan Fiction

Happy fall, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their leaf-peeping while sipping/eating their pumpkin spice-flavored whatevers. I have posted it on my “Current Projects” page some time ago but I would like to post it here anyway for anyone who is interested. For the past year, I have been writing a Steven Universe fan fiction called Rosaline. It follows the main cast of the series but also includes a swath of original characters and their own narratives.

Here is the summary: Through largely unconventional means, the Crystal Gems add a new member to their team. She was the result of a group effort as opposed to an injector, two parents or any other simple method. However, a rebel fraction of pearls are just as happy about her birth… for very different reasons.

You can read the story here on I would appreciate any and all feedback. From now on, I will be updating this page whenever a new chapter is posted.